Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy

We believe in the power of the arts to build stronger and more equitable communities. Our grantmaking in Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy builds on the family’s longstanding commitment to leveraging the arts as a catalyst for social justice and impact, and is increasingly focused on investing in culture to support thriving Chicago neighborhoods. 

Artists and Access

Artists — representing a range of experiences and backgrounds — play an essential role in contributing to the vitality of our communities. In addition, access to and participation in the arts contribute to a community’s overall health and well-being. 

We provide support to advance the work of individual artists, diversify the talent pipeline, and address barriers to career advancement. Additionally, understanding the value and impact of participation in the arts to individuals and communities, we help make it possible for more people to engage in the arts. Investments in this area are typically made to organizations with which we have a personal connection. 

Storytelling and New Work Development

Film and theater provide critical outlets for storytelling to engage and inspire audiences, reflect on current societal conditions, and explore issues of social justice. We support storytelling and new work development in film and theater, relevant and responsive to the moment, with an emphasis on underrepresented voices and communities. At a time when the entertainment industry is challenged by diverse and evolving audience preferences, we also support efforts to strengthen the local theater landscape. 

Investments in this area are typically made to organizations with which we have a personal connection. 

GT Storytelling and New Work Development
Photo Credit: Hugo Hentoff
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Creative Economy

Arts are a significant driver of thriving neighborhoods. When cultural assets are developed in a community, residents gain access to creative programming, businesses benefit from increased patronage, and local jobs are created. 

Recognizing that a strong creative economy contributes to the overall quality of life in Chicago neighborhoods, we invest in creative businesses and organizations to spur community and economic development. Through these investments – in creative places, media and news, and food innovation and justice — we seek to contribute to the development of a thriving creative ecosystem and lift up positive stories about Chicago. 

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