Educational Innovations

We believe that education opens doors to the future. The Foundation makes investments in schools, out-of-school-time learning opportunities, colleges, and universities with which we have a personal connection. This commitment includes catalytic support for projects advancing issues of importance to our family. 

educational innovations pritzker pucker

Institutes of Higher Education

Institutions of higher education play a pivotal role in developing future leaders and changing the world around us.

We make catalytic investments in curricular innovation, multi-disciplinary research, and the development of new programs as part of our ongoing contribution to creating personal and professional growth opportunities for students across the country. We support the promotion of mental health via cinematic arts, individual wellness through healthy body image, and expanded pathways to careers in the arts, media, culture, and technology.

Academically-based Youth Development

Support for academic and youth development programs is an investment in our future.

We have a special connection to academic enrichment, college and career readiness, and professional development organizations principally in Chicago. We are committed to supporting programs that address systemic barriers to economic and educational mobility through internships, mentoring, and enrichment opportunities for Chicago’s youth. 

Academically-based Youth Development
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