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We believe that every Chicagoan deserves to live in safe, thriving, and just communities. Our grant making in Community Safety and Wellness supports evidence-based interventions that lead to reductions in gun violence, revitalized communities, and systemic change.

Targeted Prevention and Violence Reduction

Chicagoans deserve SAFE communities.

Gun violence is one of the most pressing public safety concerns for Chicago residents. Living in constant fear of gun violence traumatizes individuals and hinders a community’s ability to thrive. Too often, the lives of youth and adults are cut short, shattering hope, and devastating individuals and communities. 

We are committed to doing our part to change this reality. We partner with organizations that directly engage youth and adults at the highest risk of gun violence in some of Chicago’s most impacted communities. By providing support to engage, intervene, and offer opportunities for positive development, we are investing in a safer Chicago. 


Community Investment

Chicagoans deserve THRIVING communities.

For far too long, neighborhoods on Chicago’s South and West sides have lacked adequate resources, services, and infrastructure, while experiencing disproportionately high rates of gun violence. Much of this violence is concentrated in communities, and even select blocks, within a very small radius within the city.

We believe that place-based investments – in programs, services, and the built environment – can ensure that residents have safe spaces to live, learn, work, and thrive. We invest in community development and safe space initiatives, including bold quality-of-life projects rooted in, shaped by, and advanced with the community.

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